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What can I say about the concert yesterday?

It was AMAZING! I was right in front of Jon, like you can see in these pictures (Thanks God) (Thanks Backstage early entrance), looking at his face during ALL THE CONCERT.

Who was in front of me? Nobody!

There was a grid separating the public from the stage and I was “glued” to that.

Jon’s microphone was exactly in my direction! I was just about five steps from him!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT I WAS AT THE BEST FUCKING PLACE OF THE STADIUM. But it’s not the best part…


First… CHAD KROEGER from Nickelback WINKED AT ME! YEEEES! He was singing and playing (because they were there like special guests) and suddenly he looked at me… I raised my hand and smiled and then it happened. He is really cool and the concert was great.

The second… I got something from Bobby Bandiera… He BLOWED me a kiss while he was playing. I looked at him and waved and he did that. HE IS SUCH A CUTE GUY! More than I thought.



I can’t believe that. My heart almost stopped! He looked at me because I was really close and he read my poster (because I made one)… and he smiled. SMILED. AT. ME. What can I say? What could I have done? I just started to cry…

I’ll never forget this night. I’ll never forget those people. I’ll never forget when all the stadium was screaming Tico’s name when Jon talked about him, I’ll never forget that I was lucky to be at the place so near the stage, near Jon… looking at his eyes and hands and everything…

It rained a lot, I was cold, my arms got hurt, I got hungry and tired, but… I WOULD DO EVERYTHING AGAIN. I WOULD DO MORE THAN THAT. I WOULD DIE FOR JON. That’s the truth. ♥

(PS – I took some pictures and recorded some videos, but I’ll not post them. I saw some comments of people saying that some personal pictures are being reposted in Facebook, even when they had credits. So, I’ll not post mine. Well, except the one above). :)

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